Gallery RIMA is a private gallery founded in Kragujevac(Serbia),in December 2008. Since Novemeber 2017, the gallery conducts its activities in two different exhibition spaces - in Kragujevac (Branka Radičevića 20) and Belgrade (Pariska 8).

Our work and programs are dedicated to presenting most prominent artists of the XX and XXI century, mostly from Serbia and other ex-Yugoslav republics, that are recognised international contexts as well.

Year after year, we are investing our ambitions, knowladge and professionalism into exhibitional contents which are at the same time contributing to art history and creating more favorable work and placement conditions for contemporary artists.

We successfully collaborate with some of the most important Serbian and ex-Yugoslav artists, most prominent cultural institutions, museums and galleries,and most respected experts in art theory and history.

Informations about our exhibitions, editions and artists we represent are publicly available here, on our website, and also on our Facebook page and Instagram profile. For any other information contact us through contact page or directly (

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