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Dimitrijevic was born in Uzice in 1977. He graduate Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in 2004 in the class of Professor Milan Blanuša and earned his M.A. at the same Academy in 2010. He is currently finishing postgraduate doctoral art studies at the same Academy.

He has exhibited (since 2004) in 30 solo and over 150 group shows, both in Serbia and abroad. He has been awarded several times for his work. His works can be found in numerous collections (Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, October Salon Collection (Belgrade Cultural Center), Telenor Collection, Rene Block Collection, Imago-Mundi Benetton Collection, Belgrade City Collection) as well as in many private collections (Belgrade, Rome, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Barcelona,  Berlin, Munich, Hanover, Copenhagen, Oslo, Vienna…) He is the founder of the Association of Visual Artists of Užice, as well as the Reflector Gallery. Lives and works in Užice.