MIHAILOVIĆ, Milorad Bata

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(Pančevo, 1923-Paris, 2011) 

Born on 8 February 1923 in Pančevo. He enrolled the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1946. In 1947 he left for Zadar with some of his colleagues. He left the Academy in 1947/1948 and continued to work on his own. He was a member of the Zadar Group during 1947 and from 1951 he was the founding member of the group of artists The Eleven. Mihailović began to exhibit his works in 1947. He had the first solo show in Belgrade in 1951, in the Gallery of the Association of Serbian Artists (ULUS).

He moved to Paris in 1952. He was a non-resident member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts since 1985. His works can be found in museums, private collections and many institutions in the country and abroad.